• Industry sectors
Technology Creative industries Construction
Computer Softwere eBusiness and eCommerce Arts
Services Wireless technology Aerospace
Manufacturing Healthcare technology Kitchen/food
Internet Advanced materials Retail
Biosciences/life sciences Defense/homeland security Fashion
Electronics/microlectronics Energy Wood/forestry
Telecommunications Environmnet/clean technologies Tourism
Computer Hardware Media Manpower
Medical devices Nanotechnology Professionals
  • Industry associations 
  • Academic institutions 
  • Services for beneficiaries
1. Help with business basics 2. Networking activities 3. Marketing assistance
4. High-speed Internet access 5. Help with accounting/financial management 6. Access to bank loans, loan funds and guarantee programs
7. Help with presentation skills 8. Links to higher education resources 9. Links to strategic partners
10. Access to angel investors or venture capital 11. Comprehensive business training programs 12. Advisory boards and mentors
13. Management team identification 14. Help with business etiquette 15. Technology commercialization assistance
16. Help with regulatory compliance 17. Intellectual property management 18. International market linkage


As part of the tour, we are also visiting & meeting social institutions like orphanages, old age homes, institutions working for differently abled & women empowerment institutions. We will understand their challenges of operations as well as their funding requirements & then try to get them funding.