Deliverables to Rural Enterprises, start ups& MSME’s

  • One to one meetings to understand your business and pain points 
  • Guide the companies on development of business to up scale and up skill the current business 
  • Connect them to live contacts - domestic and overseas 
  • Connect them to suppliers, buyers, stakeholders in the value chain 
  • Train them for better technology in various functional areas 
  • Support them through the local mentors for a period of one year or more 
  • Support the rural enterprises, MSMEs &start ups for upgradation of technology and knowledge 
  • Mentor the start ups for scaling up ideas into execution and convert them to revenue generating models including arrangement of funding.
  • Guide them in functional areas like marketing. production, finance, HR, innovations, IPR etc.

Create a network of rural enterprises, start ups, MSME's, innovators, idea generators and mentors.
Connect the rural enterprises, start ups and MSMEs to solutions through  

  1. Video Conference
  2. Skype 
  3. Conference call 
  4. Emails
  5. Whatsapp / SMS 
  6. Social media 

The rural enterprises, start ups & MSME's will get access to knowledge bank by accessing the PPT's, videos, documents etc which we shall share. They can bring their pen drives and we can share the info in the same. 

Meet the mentor in the moving office.

  1. You can write to us with the idea / concept you have and we will connect you with companies/ funding agencies/venture capitalists etc for next development. 
  2. We will organise a training session on international market access in each location to mentor companies on international market access.
  3. We will develop a centre of excellence which could be supported by the government or the industry.
  4. We will engage with school kids to mentor them for ideas and train them for development.

We shall address the pain points of the rural enterprises, start ups and MSMEs to provide them with innovative and cost effective solutions. 

Local Mentor 

The local mentor shall be present during the 2 day visit and he will stay with our team to share the ideas and inputs. We shall do the knowledge transfer during the visit to the local mentor who will continue mentoring the  rural enterprises, start ups and MSMEs for a period of 1 year and more.


As part of the tour, we are also visiting & meeting social institutions like orphanages, old age homes, institutions working for differently abled & women empowerment institutions. We will understand their challenges of operations as well as their funding requirements & then try to get them funding.