Shaveen Fernando
Shaveen Fernando
Build Business, People First


I strive for completeness and believe that a task half done is equal to a task not done at all. Even the most luxurious and technologically advanced car cannot run on three wheels. The fourth wheel makes all the difference. It is what pushes the car forward. Take it away and you have a white elephant that is of worth to no one.

Founded SALT - Social Alliance for Love & Trust. SALT took off in 2010 with a passion to cater a very serious need which has been shunned and neglected by the society, That is to help anyone to improve the decision making abilities and know-how to thrive through difficult change.

My work goal is to improve the living standards of people through goal setting in Finances, Social Development and Mindset Development. With my laser cut goal, I was blessed to work with different levels in the community to mentor & empower in developing skills, develop practical habits to better manage time and get engaged with better economic development activities with a growth mindset.

I believe that every person in this world has the right to live in peace, riches, dignity and happiness.

My Interests Listening, Conversations with youth, Business, Taking risks, Dreaming, Authentic food, Meditation, Challenge my abilities.

Always do good things without expecting praise. Help others to achieve their aspirations in life.

Always partner with people who trust you not only praise you.

Pain to Purpose:

I am proud to say that I am a child of the glorious 80s and Awesome 90s. I was born in the furniture capital of Sri Lanka, Moratuwa a small town on the South Western Coast about 20 minutes away from the commercial city Colombo.

My life was simple because my parents were simple. Wealth was never a matter for concern as love was far more important and valuable. Furthermore knowledge and wisdom was given the highest priority and I was always encouraged by my parents to seek them both always.

The main reason why I decided to start the entrepreneurial journey?

Well as the title suggests I had to face many challenges and felt a lot of pain in my journey to get where I am now and to ultimately find my “purpose”.

Age 8: My mother had to leave us to work abroad; the reason for this was in order to find money to build a family home. The income earned was not sufficient and did not meet the minimum income requirement to obtain a loan. For me the most painful part was not having a roof over my head, but to be away from the warmth and love of my mother. However I never shared this pain with my father or anyone else.

  • I overcame pain at the age of 8 by being determined to never be in a position where I had the inability to help myself, my family and others.

Age 19: I was injured due to youthful exuberance. I tore some ligaments and tissues in my leg. I feared that I would never be able to walk again.

  • I overcame pain at the age of 19 by being determined to achieve my dreams no matter the physical obstacles that come my way.

Age 23: My beloved father, my role model was diagnosed with cancer (multiple myeloma) when I was in the third year of my degree. He was only given 6 months to live. I was shattered upon hearing this news. This period of my life made me feel like I was walking through an endless fire. He was who I looked up to, he was my role model.

  • I overcame pain at the age of 23 when I took it upon myself to carry the mantle of my family and fill in the void my father left.

Age 28: I was about to lose another parent to that deadly killer called cancer. My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. My career was in full flow at this point but, the announcement of this news brought it crashing down.

  • I overcame pain at the age of 28 when my families faith in the Lord healed my mother and gave me renewed strength to move forward with my aspirations.

Age 29: Left the security of my corporate job and decided to go it alone and began a venture to impact lives. People that love my family began to be negative about my decision.

  • I overcame pain at the age of 29 when I decided to ignore the negativity from others as a result of my career change. I decided to take responsibility for my actions and to focus on impacting lives positively.
  • I must make mention of my wife at this point as she has been by my side and has sacrificed a lot to help me to put my purpose into action.

Age 30: A very significant turning point in re-energizing my dream with laser focus was when I met a businessman who started from scratch and brought the business to a state of selfsufficiency. He was betrayed by his employees which, ultimately led to the demise of his business and mental stability. Demoralized and depressed he fell into bad habits which eventually led to his death.

  • At the age of 30 I learnt a valuable lesson through his mistakes and ultimate demise. I was determined on ensuring my mental stability no matter whatever the circumstance I may face in the entrepreneurial journey.

Age 33: The loss of my 5 month old nephew was another bitter pill to swallow. Mentally I was at a very low level.

  • I overcame pain at the age of 33 when a stranger called and asked why I was continuing my work even after such a tragedy. This simple encouraging call re-fuelled me to restrategize my work and I deeply thought of building a concept around it – Social Alliance for Love and Trust.

Age 35: 2014 - 2016 nothing significant happened. But I had to trust and discipline myself to achieve what I wanted to achieve.

During this period I built many enriched relationships with wonderful people who have a burden to help others who are suffering. Every day they encouraged me to follow the path I had chosen. Day by day work was increasing, relationships were building, challenges were met and dealt with and mostly I was experiencing an unspeakable joy.

Message to my dear Entrepreneurs

  1. If your passion has value & purpose you will succeed – Remember, you are great.
  2. Work diligently even if others do not appreciate – Remember, your victory is assured.
  3. Do good always regardless of titles – Remember, let the change speaks.
  4. Always focus on completion not competition – Remember, you are the best.
  5. Turn your pain to bring hope to the world not destruction – Remember, you will be rewarded.
  6. Transform your idea into a solution to build a business not just a product or service – Remember, business creates jobs.
  7. Always commit, never give up – Remember, people love you.
  8. Don’t judge others, we are living in a fatherless economy – Remember, People need you.
  9. Strategy is useless without implementation; implementation is useless without progression – Remember, sustainability.
  10. Never let your balance sheet guide you on decisions. You can always change your figures through your success - Remember, You are a warrior.

Pain is inevitable but, what we do with that pain is extremely important. We should never allow pain to engulf our lives and lead us astray to an untimely death. We need to overcome pain.

Overcoming all this pain allowed me to find my purpose which was to become an Entrepreneur Mentor and start SALT - Social Alliance for Love and Trust.

Always do good things without expecting praise and help others to achieve their aspirations in life.

I decide to set the following simple goals in every venture & partnerships I steps into:

  • Understand people
  • Create Value
  • Improve lives
  • Impact industries

My ultimate focus from all this became the field of Entrepreneurship.

Story continues… stay tuned for more updates



Jagat Shah
His philosophy of life : Action @ Speed of thought​

Founder & Chief Mentor :

  • Cluster Pulse – an economic development agency
  • Global Network – an international trade advisory firm 
  • Global Network Institute – an international trade training school

Jagat Shah studied for MBA (International trade) graduating from Delhi University & is a certified cluster development practitioner, trained & certified by United Natins - UNIDO at Turin, Italy. He has additionally graduated in Diamond technology from Indian Diamond Institute (IDI), Surat. He is a certified management consultant (CMC) from ICMCI, USA.

In last 23 years of his career, he has worked on international market & investment strategies with Indian, American, Canadian & European companies & governments.  Through his ISO certified economic development agency, he has worked with cluster development approach on Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) competitiveness & poverty elimination with several governments & private sector in 20 countries -  India, USA, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Serbia, Croatia, Italy, UAE, Oman, Ras Al Khaimah, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia besides several states in India. He contributes to these efforts from his head office at Ahmedabad in Gujarat - India.

He is the Foreign representative of Government of Manitoba, Canada in India for trade & investment since last seven years.

Since last 18 years, he operates Global Network : , an international trade advisory firm having led 114 trade & investment delegations from India to abroad, including USA for pre-fixed P2P & B2B meets. His company consults Corporates & SME’s on international market access strategy & approach. He has also hosted 34 delegations from abroad to India, including from USA for trade & investment match making with government, public & private sector companies.  Also works as advisor for setting up industrial parks & Special economic zones - SEZ’s in India.

Since last 16 years he operates Global Network Institute : , an international trade training school, having conducted 130 batches of international market access course attended by 4000+ students & conducted 400+ international market seminars in India & abroad, including USA.

Since last 12 years, his ISO certified, not-for-profit, professionally run,  economic development agency Cluster has worked in 102 clusters in 20 countries – both, developed & developing ones besides India & USA. Cluster Pulse has executed cluster development projects for USAID, World Bank, GIZ, IFC, United Nations - UNIDO, DFID, The European Union, The Commonwealth Secretariat, Government of Canada, Government of Oman, Govt. Of Brunei, Govt. of Italy, Govt of Senegal several ministries of Govt. of India & State Govt. of India. He was the team leader of Govt. of India team to design the National ICT policy for SME’s.

The most challenging project of his lifetime has been in Afghanistan where he worked with support of USAID with 20,000 carpet weavers, 6,000 dry fruit farmers & 2,000 handicraft artisans to not only take them out of poverty but to make them into exporters with warehouses & offices in USA, Germany & India. He strongly believes that if change can be brought about in Afghanistan, then it can be brought about in any country in the world.  

He is presently working on three start ups : 

1. Technology transfer from India to Senegal. 

    India Senegal Overseas :

2. Gujarat Expat Club :

3. 60 Plus life :

He is the Director of Innovation Warehouse at Indus Innovation Centre at Indus University in India  :

He is the Vice Chairman of US- India Importers' Council ( USIIC )  :

His company Global Network is the co organizer of Vibrant Kutch 2015 : 

His company Global Network is the co organizer of Vibrant Saurashtra 2016 :

His company Global Network is the co organizer of Vibrant Ceramics 2016 :

His 300+ articles have been published in world press on international business & Cluster development initiatives.

He shares his experiences with students of management in many countries.

He is managing trustee of 2 charitable trusts. 

He is a Rotarian.

His email ID :

His hand phone : +91-98255 06441


His place of Karma : 1001, 10th. Floor, Safal Prelude, Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad Gujarat – 380015 INDIA


Hon. Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi at Vibrant Gujarat

Hon. Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi at Vibrant Gujarat

Jagat Shah at Vibrant Gujarat

Jagat Shah at Vibrant Gujarat

At a Presentation

At a Presentation

At a field visit

At a field visit

At Office

At Office

At a field visit

At a field visit