Why Mentor On Road Sri Lanka?

Answer: The economic structure of any developing country is such that the money keeps rotating within the country – a worker at any SME will spend on SMEs to buy things, and earn from the SMEs only. We are breaking this cycle by Mentor on Road project by imparting them the skills to touch the global market and increase the cash flow in the economy from other countries, finally adding to the GDP of the country.

Sri Lanka needs to be on the world trade map by making it even more visible than it is today. The efforts done by Sri Lanka Export Development Board are really worth applauding. We, as Mentor on Road, are bringing innovative approaches, that we have learned from our experience in India, and other 22 countries, working with various governments, to SMEs in Sri Lanka, and this will further the effort the Government of Sri Lanka is already doing.

Who are the resource people doing the mentoring? Is it only Jagat Shah? 
Answer: Besides Jagat Shah, I Shaveen will be conducting the mentoring as I have been partly trained by Jagat Shah during his last visit to Colombo & before starting the tour in Sri Lanka, he will train me further. In each of the town we shall be identifying a local mentor who will travel with us till the next town and we will train him/her on mentoring. These individuals will keep mentoring people in their towns and raise those issues to us which they cannot advise on. In turn, we shall advise them. This way a network of mentors will be developed across Sri Lanka.
What are the areas of mentoring?
: Marketing, exports, technology, production, finance, HR, new product development, innovation, IPR, joint ventures, investment, soft skills, interview skills, personality development, writing a business plan, how to make a bank loan application etc.
What are the direct benefit of conducting the sessions?
: The participants will get a life long mentor. Plus the knowledge during the session in their own language with copies of presentations & FAQ's.
I am not very clear about the results and impact you can make in a 2hour session.
: Though each session will be of two to three hours, but through the local mentor, there will be life long mentoring support. Whatsapp groups will be made for joint efforts & info dissemination. Success stories will be shared in the Mentor on Road websites, on youtube channel, electronic & print media, besides social media.

How the beneficiaries receive training even after the road journey?
Answer: The training will be done by local mentors who will be appointed. We may call them time to time to Colombo to train them on these issues which keep emerging. The chief mentor Mr.Shah will also train them over Skype/Video Conferencing. Over a period of one year they will become fully functional.
How Mentor On Road Sri Lanka going to connect with the export market?
: Through our knowledge, experience & direct contacts in 40 countries because we have been doing this since 25 years.
What would be the direct impact to the beneficiaries apart from mentoring?
:  Increase in sales & profits. (up-skill and up-scale)
Why already established export bodies (public & private sector) can’t do this directly?
: Will they handhold each company/business-owner actively for a year?

Does Mentor On Road Sri Lanka support in funding local ventures?
Answer: For identified potential ventures/clusters we will consider funding.

How do you fund local ventures?

  • First we will approach local financial institutions to support them. In case of inability of local funding agencies we have our own network of startup funding & venture capital access. Also we have sources of funds from USA, Europe and India.
  • We will connect Sri Lankan associations in USA with MOR Sri Lanka venture network.