Objectives of the Mentor on Road - Sri Lanka:


Mentor on Road, Shaveen Fernando will be addressing several micro, small and medium scale enterprises (MSMEs) in this journey of 13 days, on ways to start and grow business.

Several industries segregated through clusters would be advised on how to either start business/exports or build on existing businesses/export for higher profits.

With this Vision, Mentor on Road will have 3 bottom lines:

  • Micro/cottage industries should have the confidence by equipping them with low cost tools to start national and global marketing
  • Small Industries work in clusters to form consortia to reach national and global markets.
  • All stake holders receive the most innovative ways and best case practices around the world to start business/export and build relations and network globally.
  • Encourage and mentor women to start new businesses and take part in Sri Lankan economy through women empowerment institutions.

Sri Lanka is one of the most vibrant populated countries in South Asia and its economy is one of the region’s smallest. Yet GDP per capita is among the highest in the region ($11,200 purchasing power parity in 2016) and the country has shown its ability to compete very successfully in developing trade and attracting investment.

Two powerful forces - globalization and structural reforms introduced by the government—are transforming the economy. FDI has increased; new industries have come up; and improvements are being made in government and business competitiveness, efficiency, and productivity, and in employment.

Major Clusters of Economic Development - Sri Lanka


With the rising new economy and industries, Sri Lanka has to capitalize on the strengths of its globalization prowess. Mentor On Road aims to connect the industry clusters of Sri Lanka to the global markets. Through our highly informative and interactive seminars, we equip all participants with the knowledge of “Innovative ways to start business/exports and innovative ways to grow business/exports”.