Objectives of the Mentor on Road - USA:


2 Legs, 24 states, 32 cities, 78 days, 9602 miles (15452 KMs)

Briefing Session on
How to Do Business With India


Are you interested in a rapidly growing market of 1.3 billion potential buyers? Would you like to learn how to do business with India from an expert?  
If the answer is yes, we think you will be excited to learn that the intrepid speaker Jagat Shah has worked with the U.S. Commercial Service (USCS ) India to present counseling sessions on Business-with-India as a part of Mr. Shah’s road show around America.
Jagat Shah has tremendous experience and skill in mentoring small and medium businesses and is offering a talk on how American companies can succeed in India. He is engaging in a roadshow, driving around America, speaking at about 30 locations.   
His presentation will include the following topics and would be for about an hour in length:

  • Firsthand information on Indian market dynamics
    India is a sub-continent with several states. The presentation will cover aspects like, which state is doing well in business? What are the business styles & approaches in different states? What are the consumer's tastes in different states? For example one of the highest GDP contributors to India is the state of Gujarat. 
  • Best prospect sectors in India for a U.S. exporter
    Presentation will cover info on sectors that are doing well in India such as automotive, biotech, chemicals, construction, defense, electrical machinery, electronics, food processing, mining, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, Ports, railways, space tech, textiles, thermal power, renewable energy, ICT & ITES, media, entertainment, tourism, wellness and much more to serve the growing 1.25 billion market.
  • Opportunities for the U.S. companies to benefit from several new initiatives of the Government of India such as “Smart cities”, “Digital India”, “Start- up India’’, “Skill India” etc.The presentation will cover the specific opportunities which these programs offer for American companies and how to partner with Indian companies to get business under these programs of Government of India.
  • Impact of Demonetization and Goods and Service tax (GST) on the U.S. exporters
    GST is a game-changing economic reform in India. The presentation will cover the salient & practical features of the GST act and the impact of demonetization on Indian economy and it may affect American companies wanting to do business in India.
  • Other topics and references
    As per request from participants.
  • Indian investment in the U.S.
    A snapshot of what type of investments is coming from Indian companies into the American economy and in which states. What are the factors which an Indian investor considers before investing in the USA?


Additional events will also be organized during the road show and those events will have these objectives:

Meeting Small & medium enterprises, Startups, Corporates, Women business empowerment institutions & Indian American diaspora

  1. Meet Small and medium enterprises (SME's) in USA in each of the 30 cities through economic development councils, chambers of commerce & business associations and encourage them to trade with India through partner under the Government of India’s mission mode programs of “ Smart Cities”, “Digital India”, Start-up India”, “Skill India” etc.

  2. Meet Start-Ups in the USA in each city through start-up incubation centers, Universities, start up groups, innovation hubs etc & encourage them to look at India as a market of their products & services. Give them ground level practical info on Indian market dynamics. Encourage them to tap into the Indian market which comprises of 1.3 billion people.

  3. Meet two Corporates in each city and encourage them to look at India for their Corporate social responsibility ( CSR ) related work.

  4. Meet Women Business Empowerment institutions and women entrepreneurs to connect them to Indian Women business institutions for increasing the participation of Indian women in Indian economic activity, which today stands at a low of 9% excluding agriculture. Provide a platform for the women entrepreneurs in the USA to connect to Indian businesses for a broader market.

  5. Meet Indian diaspora in the USA in each city and encourage them to engage themselves in Personal Social Responsibility ( PSR ) in India by contributing their time & ideas to programs like Clean India ( Swachh Bharat ), Stand up India for women entrepreneurs, Skill India, Digital India, Start-up India & Smart cities. 

    Motivating Indian diaspora to adopt their native village in India to convert it into a smart village where we will help them with pain point diagnostic & financial inputs.