Mentor on road is a not for profit activity under which Dr. Jagat Shah, ( His intro is attached ) drives across countries on the road and mentors Women owned businesses, youth startups, and small medium enterprises for entering global markets.

Check out these past road trips of his :

1. India:
2. USA: ( In partnership with US Department of Commerce )
3. Sri Lanka:
4. Africa:

Now he has planned a cross country road trip of Canada, from Montreal to Vancouver ( passing through Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, & British Columbia ) from 14 July 2022 to 3 August 2022. The route of the road trip with dates and cities is attached and can also be seen in this link :

The 4 objectives of the mission are :

Meeting Canadian Small & medium enterprises, Start-ups, Women owned business / institutions & Indo Canadian diaspora.

  • 1. Meet Canadian Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in each of the 15 cities through economic development councils, chambers of commerce, business associations, Indo Canadian associations and encourage them to trade with India with an innovative approach.
  • 2. Meet Start-Ups in Canada in 15 cities through start-up incubation centers, universities, start-up groups, innovation hubs , accelerators etc. and encourage them to look at India as a market of their products & services and as a source of investment. Share with them ground level practical info on Indian market dynamics and explain them about Start-up India program and encourage them to tap into the Indian market which comprises of 1.30 billion people.
  • 3. Meet one Corporate in each city and encourage them to look at India for their Corporate social responsibility (CSR) related work.
  • 4. Meet Women business empowerment institutions and women entrepreneurs to connect them to Indian Women business institutions for increasing the participation of Indian women in Indian economic activity, which today stands low currently. Providing a platform for the women entrepreneurs in Canada to connect to Indian businesses for a broader market.
  • 5. Meet Indian diaspora in Canada in 15 cities and encourage them to engage themselves in Personal Social Responsibility (PSR) in India by contributing their time & ideas to programs like Clean India (Swachh Bharat), Stand up India for women entrepreneurs, Skill India, Digital India, Start-up India & Smart cities /villages. Will try to motivate Indian diaspora to adopt their native village in India to convert it into a smart village in 1000 days where we will help them with pain point diagnostic & solutions mapping.

I am writing to you with a request to organise a gathering of your members where Dr. Shah will share his views on • “Unexplored & innovative approaches of doing business with 1.3 billion people market of New India".

He will need 45 minutes for his session. Followed by open Q&A interaction.

The intrepid speaker, Dr. Jagat Shah, has tremendous experience and skill in mentoring small and medium businesses globally ( In 22 countries ) and is offering a talk on how Canadian companies can succeed in India. He is going to engage in roadshows, literally driving around Canada speaking in as many locations as he can, on the route from Montreal to Vancouver by road.

His deliverables will be his presentation which will include the follow topics :

First-hand information on Indian market dynamics.
India is a sub-continent with several states. Presentation will cover aspects like, which state is doing well in business? What are the business styles & approaches in different states? What are the consumer tastes in different states?

Best prospect sectors in India for a Canadian exporter
Presentation will cover information on sectors that are doing well in India such as automotive, biotech, chemicals, construction, defense, electrical machinery, electronics, food processing, mining, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, ports, railways, space tech, textiles, thermal power, renewable energy, ICT & ITES, media, entertainment, tourism, wellness and much more.

Opportunities for the Canadian companies to benefit from several new initiatives of the Government of India such as “Smart cities”, “Digital India”, “Start- up India’’, “Skill India”, "Smart villages" “Clean India”, “Stand Up India for women” etc. The presentation will cover the specific opportunities which these programs offer to Canadian companies and how to partner with Indian companies to get business under these programs.

Indian investments in Canada
A snapshot of the type of investments that are being done by Indian companies in Canada. What are the factors which an Indian investor considers before investing abroad.

Open to other topics : As per request from your oganisation or participants.

Our expectation from your side is :
1. Venue for the event
2. Inviting your members to the event
3. A screen where Dr. Jagat Shah can show some slides
4. Networking Tea / Coffee

Kindly advise your interest in hosting this event in :
City : Your city as per route map
Date : As per route map
Time : As per your protocol / convenience