1. I own or work for a small and medium scale business; how will this program benefit me?

In our interaction, we will:

  • Give First-hand information on Indian market dynamics
    India is a sub-continent with several states. The presentation will cover aspects like, which state is doing well in business? What are the business styles & approaches in different states?
  • Present Best prospect sectors in India for a U.S. exporter
    Presentation will cover info on sectors that are doing well in India such as automotive, biotech, chemicals, construction, defence, electrical machinery, electronics, food processing, mining, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, Ports, railways, space tech, textiles, thermal power, renewable energy, ICT & ITES, media, entertainment, tourism, wellness and much more to serve the growing 1.25 billion market.
  • Showcase Opportunities for the U.S. companies to benefit from several new initiatives of the Government of India such as “Smart cities”, “Digital India”, “Start- up India’’, “Skill India” etc.
  • Talk on Impact of Demonetization and Goods and Service tax (GST) on the U.S. exporters
    Indian investment in the U.S.
  • Other topics and references


2. I own or work for a start-up; how will this program benefit me?

As we understand, the three challenges that Start-ups face today in USA are:

  1. Validation of product and service
  2. Adding new and right talent to the team
  3. Rapid change in markets and ever emerging competition
  4. Access to Innovative Sources of Funding


Mentor on Road USA will be addressing following in his interaction:

  • Advising on how to make a start-up competitive in the international framework by following proven methods of market research, positioning and through exploring markets by digital sensing.
  • Managing cultural issues in the perpetually growing emerging markets for smooth market penetration. 
  • Focusing on the opportunities in India - a market comprising of 1.3 billion people. Providing them practical information on Indian market dynamics. 
  • As part of our tour, we are meeting Indian Diaspora and Women Empowerment Institutions to address issues in India pertaining to town planning, building smart villages, agri. tech, social justice, and societal welfare. Hence, we will provide start-ups with a different perspective for building sustainable businesses through social enterprising. 


3. I work in the domain of women empowerment, or I am woman business leader, how will this program benefit me?

In our interaction, we will:

  • Take your ideas:

United States has been the pioneer in the movement of women empowerment. Contribute your ideas and best practices being implemented in United States in order to solve the issues pertaining to women in India.

  • Share Success stories of Indian Women

Fighting the traditional mind-set in India, women in India have marched forward by acquiring a valuable place in Indian economy and politics. Government has taken various initiatives to empower women, along with several women development institutions. Know more about such initiatives that have empowered many women in India, and the best practices.

  • Open opportunities in Joint-Venture in philanthropic activities with Indian Women Empowerment Institutions

Join hands with women empowerment institutions in India and promote various agendas on Women self-reliance, economic understanding and participation, health related awareness, and societal and community development.

  • Showcase Women to Mentor Program

We are going to connect various institutions in India to institutions in USA. And, you can still contribute in your personal capacity by becoming a mentor to various institutions in India, and support them in your own capacity for various agendas in women development.

  • Other topics and references

4. I am person of Indian Origin in USA; how will I be benefited?

We are going to showcase the biggest opportunity to all person of Indian Origin in USA to adopt their native village/town and be responsible for its growth and development under the initiative of “Smart India”.


In our interaction, we will:

  • Introduce Idea of Smart Cities and Villages/Towns
    A snapshot of what type of investments should come into the Indian Villages/towns. What are the factors which an adopter should consider before adopting in the such Villages/towns?
  • Layout Implementation Process
    • Issues in the villages/towns will range in the following:
    • Health care, sanitation, education, usage of technology, water management, waste management, e-governance, etc.
    • These issues can be taken up one by one, and as the leader, the adopter will take the responsibility and advise the locals and local government for bettering situation in such issues.
  • Give you First-hand information on Indian Villages’ dynamics
    India is a sub-continent with several states. The presentation will cover aspects like, which state is doing well in villages/towns? What are the business (cottage and small businesses) styles & approaches in different villages/towns? 
  • Talk about What includes in the responsibilities of an Adopter
    If you are interested in contributing to your Mother Land, by adopting a village of your origin, in order to help it evolve, then we will invite you to consider the specific low time-consuming tasks that can be facilitated by you. Tasks that will not consume much of your time, but your responsibility. Such responsibility will ensure great benefits to the locals, and will help convert villages/towns into “smart villages/towns”.
  • Assist Tech Transfer from USA to India
    • The technologies that will be used to help these villages/towns will come from US Companies.
  • Other topics and references
    As per request from participants.


5. Does Mentor on Road charge any fees?

The Mentor on Road does not charge any fees. It is purely a philanthropic activity, but we do give freedom to our partner organizations/associations/chambers to charge from their members and participants, for them to mitigate costs.

6. What will be the topics covered in the session?

Our talk will be covering innovative international best practices and strategies that can help a stake holder achieve his/her goals. We will interact with everyone to achieve the objectives as mentioned in the “Objectives” page on the website. However, if you have your individual objectives that you would want to get mentored on, you can always take it up with the mentor after the session and stay in touch for life-long mentoring. Again no fees.

7. We are an individual start-up/company/business, how can we get involved?

There are multiple ways to do this:

  • You can connect to us by Contact Us tab and we will guide you.
  • You can check our partner organizations in each city and contact the ones in your corresponding city, and they will assist you to participate. (Chambers/Association may restrict participation to the members based on seat availability)


8. How can we get affiliated with Mentor on Road?

There are multiple ways to get affiliated with Mentor on Road USA. We are looking to affiliate with individuals/associations/organizations working in the domains of small & medium enterprise - SME Development, Women Empowerment, Start-ups, and Indian Diaspora.

  1. If you are part of an organization, we would love to partner with you and would want you to host a meeting with the members of your organization.
  2. If you are keenly interested in mentoring these domains, you can be our City Mentor, and be with us throughout the tour in your city. For that, kindly use the “Contact Us” and mention in your query about being a city mentor; someone from our office will contact you, or apply through “Join the Mentor” tab.

9. If I am from India, can I join?

Yes, people from India looking to invest/trade with companies of USA, can send in their applications Via the “Join the Mentor” tab, and someone will contact you about further details.

10. How do you connect businesses to India?

Mentor on Road did a similar project in India previously. (www.mentoronroad.com/india/) We travelled through 35 cities, across 22 states, and addressed over 10,000+ companies. Once we will know your company’s expectations, we will connect you to the corresponding company in India.