We mentor the start-ups, rural enterprises, Micro, small, medium enterprises, corporates, women business empowerment institutions,  in India, Sri Lanka & across 20 countries. These enterprises face a lot of challenges on a day to day basis in various functional areas of business such as Marketing, Finance, Production, Intellectual property rights, innovation, Research & Development and Human resources. Through Mentor-On-Road we provide handholding support on these functional areas to resolve their pain points, like a doctor in a clinic :)

For our knowledge domain, we are backed by two organizations:

Cluster Pulse (CP), a not for profit, professionally run, economic development agency working with many global donor agencies like Sri LankaID, World Bank, UNIDO, GIZ, DFID, The Commonwealth Secretariat etc for knowledge empowerment & handholding support to companies & businesses in industrial and artisan clusters across India,  Sri Lanka and 20 other countries. 

Cluster Pulse works with rural enterprises, start-ups & MSMEs on projects of competitiveness, international market access, Energy efficiency, technology upgradations and technology transfer across the globe and has a huge knowledge infrastructure of experts across India, Sri Lanka and globally in 20 countries. It has worked in 102 clusters in 20 countries, including India & Sri Lanka.   


Global Network (GN) is an international trade advisory firm working with Corporates & Small Medium enterprises since last 23 years in the area of international market access and consulting for global companies and overseas governments. It has the expertise to work with companies & businesses to empower them to get access to international markets. It has worked in 25 countries besides India & Sri Lanka.  


This company connects businesses to stakeholders & partners in India, Sri Lanka & worldwide through our references, networks and contacts globally which provide international market access solutions to businesses.

We will meet rural enterprises, start-ups, women business empowerment institutions, Indian diaspora & SME's in the Sri Lanka in seminars as well as in a prefixed 30 minutes meetings where we will understand their pain points and connect them to solutions through various means such as Video Conference, Skype, email, conference calls, Whatsapp, SMS, social media etc.